Zoom speed (via mousewheel)

Is there no method (like there is for flyCam.setMoveSpeed()) to change the speed of the zoom? or is it so obvious that i just don’t see it? :smiley:


maybe you could use frustrumXXX() methods like this:


float b, t, l, r;


public void simpleInitApp() {

storeCamFrustum(); //called once only


//method definition here

private void storeCamFrustum() {

b = cam.getFrustumBottom();

t = cam.getFrustumTop();

l = cam.getFrustumLeft();

r = cam.getFrustumRight();


and then using Triggers (Mouse or Key + inputMappings, actionListener you call)

setCamZoomLevel(float val); // float val = 2f or 0.5f depending on if you want to zoom in or zoom out ; → not smooth

public void setCamZoomLevel(float val) {

cam.setFrustumBottom(b * val);

cam.setFrustumLeft(l * val);

cam.setFrustumTop(t * val);

cam.setFrustumRight(r * val);