10k trees, and not biomonkey :D

something i was working on last few weeks:


this one with shadows and fev more filters:


one question, is it normal that with shadows on, object count jumps from ~400 to 3k ??


Nice nice.
Depends on the filters you use.
A single shadow for example doubles the count.

I had the same issue!

Are you using Batchnode for your objects?
And did you put the ShadowMode on this BatchNode?
I did this and I had a compareable result. So the BatchNode keeps a list of all objects you add to the BatchNode. If you batch it it generate some Gemetries (depending on your amount of materials). Instead of put the ShadowMode to the whole BatchNode, I just put it on this Geometries. After that the amount of Objects in the scene decrease dramaltically

So I hope this can help you