110 pages of Nifty GUI documentation – Get it while its hot!

I figured @void256 would stop by to make the announcement himself. Maybe his monumental effort as of late has rendered him powerless for the time being. Whatever the reason, I figured I’d take the liberty to let you guys know that there is now a 110 pages strong document available for Nifty GUI. Read it and weep! --with tears of joy.

n.b. if for some inexplicable reason you lose track of this thread or the linked post (pretty sure we’ve had “bookmarks” since Martin Luther’s Reformation) we’ve added a link to the “Drag & Drop Help” men, lovingly called “Nifty’s bible”.


@void256 post here so everyone can thumb you up!!!

wow, nice! thanks for the effort void! :smiley:

Yeah, just awesome work @void256 Total jme ninja style :wink:


Yeah. That guy is the man :).

Best present EVER!!

EDIT I just looked over it and it looks AMAZING! THANK YOU @void256 !!!

Maybe his monumental effort as of late has rendered him powerless for the time being.

It did indeed, really! >_<

It started as a simple: "hey, let's just take all of this stuff that has already been written and simply make it consistent and pretty. How long can that take? Should be rather easy!" ... man, was I wrong! ;)

I did not forgot you guys! It's just that I had the idea to "present" it in "Total jme ninja style" as Normen put it ;) so that you can discover it yourself instead of being pushed to it :)

Seems like this kinda worked out (thanks erlend ;)) and glad you seem to enjoy it!

Thank you!

btw: Happy New Year 2012! :)

This of course begs the question: How are you planning to maintain this doc? If you are finding wiki upkeep to be a hassle, maybe Flossmanuals would be better suited to your workflow? Apparently they even allow you to export directly to Lulu.com now, which could be an interesting little revenue stream on the side to explore.

If you don’t mind me asking, how have you been working on the (PDF) manual as it stands?

Wow. This really pleased a bunch of people :D.

Documentation is underrated :wink: If @zathras starts making forum posts for every wiki page she has ever created, god help us all.

Back on a more serious note, @void256 if you’re interested in Flossmanuals, I’ve been playing around with the import process, so feel free to ask if you decide to give it a go.

She? :o!

This manual is really good. It’s help me understand Nifty a lot more. Very easy to follow and the examples are nice and simple to follow. Good Job and Thanks.

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I don’t have a master plan for the manual yet. Only some ideas: I hope to find a native english speaker with the time and interest to check the spelling and grammar of the 110 pages :wink: and I’ll need to add some minor things that I forgot to mention (for instance the very useful “padding” attribute >_<). So there might be a version 1.1 or something.

Flossmanuals sounds very interesting since I really want to keep it in a book and pdf format. In my world it’s always a big plus when I approach a new open source project and it offers a pdf instead of a wiki. Wiki is great for many things and Nifty will keep it’s wiki as well (mostly for effects- and standard control reference as well as “howtos” maybe). But a pdf book is something that’s really great to have.

Currently the document is written in - I hope you are sitting down :wink: - Apple Pages’09. Probably very open source unfriendly but it was the first time I used Pages for something - just to see how it works compared to OpenOffice and IMHO it did perform very well for me. It has it’s own quirks of course but overall I was pretty happy with it. This doesn’t mean the document will stay in this format forever though.

But anyway I’ll contact you about details about Flossmanuals. I think we can give it a try! :smiley:

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@void256 Well, iWork.com is free and allows collaborative editing, comments etc. so at least for now that might also be a solution.

Really awesome, thanks, it’s the holy grail we’ve been looking for! :smiley: (I was still reading hence the slow response). :wink:

I was just reading e.g. about how to scale images, and my inner monolog goes like “meh… obvious… meh… Huh, what?? … Ohhh that’s really useful I didn’t know I could do that!!”

By the way, when you make new versions, can you make certain that the download link to the latest is always the same, so people who link to it (like wikis and books…) always get the most current version?