2 mice support in jME? If not, where do I implement it?

Hey guys!

First off all: jME is a great engine :smiley: Nice piece of work!  :mrgreen:

I want to create a game similar to Alien Breed or Crimsonland. And I want to

have 2 players playing on one screen. Aiming will be done with the mouse, movement with keyboard.

I found out that jinput supports multiple mice  (tested with 2 mice on Linux, jinput recognized both correctly,

extra driver needed for win2k,xp; see http://forum.java.sun.com/thread.jspa?threadID=708770&messageID=4104669 for more).

What I'd like to know if there's already some degree of support for that…

If not, would I have to add it to jME or LWJGL? I'd like to contribute the source :wink:

thx for any help! 

AFAIK all input is handled by the jinput library in lwjgl, so that would be your best shot at implementing it yourself. (Oh, and I guess that indirectly answers the question… it is not supported in jME  ;))

thanks for your reply ^^

I also tried the LWJGL forum for an answer, but there's also no support.

So I'll just use jinput directly…

I would say that the number of people who actually have two mice is so low that this wouldn't be very useful for a game unless it would solve some very special purpose. So, what is the idea you are going to use it for? :slight_smile:

I dont care about the 2 mice use myself very much, but I must say that some of my best and earliest multiplayer experiences are from Settlers 2 on a split screen - real-time strategy hotseat… woo-hooo !!!