2 Problems when I downloaded and installed jMonkey (Help Required Urgently)

Hi there i am currently new to jMonkey and I am experiencing a few problems with the engine.

The first problem is that when i start JMonkey SDK 3.0 it brings up an error: (The line bellow is the error)

“Error in assetpack, could not load assetpack.xml!”

The second problem is that when i edit the terrain e.g. say i wanted to create a mountain or something using the edit terrain tools, Jmonkey does not allow me to save the edit version as the save buttons are grayed out so the terrain still looks like a flat piece of land when i run the project.

If someone can please help me sort out these problems, your help will be much appreciated!

The first one can be ignored. The second one can be circumvented by simply changing something else in the scene, like the cullhint for example (select the terrain in the SceneExplorer and change it in the properties window). Also make sure you have the latest (stable!) updates applied (3.0.10), see Help->Check for updates.


Can you explain it step by step for the terrain problem as I don’t see a properties window in the scene explorer.


Wait I see the properties window but I don’t get how this will solve my problem can you explain more in depth.


It works!!! Thanks alot!!! @normen

but before I go I have a few questions if you don’t mind answering.

The first is if you know how to solve the error “Error in assetpack, could not load assetpack.xml!” as i would really like to have no errors. If not don’t worry about it.

And the second is: The terrain only started working when i changed the cullhint from dynamic to inherit… Can you elaborate what is inherit and if it is okay to leave the cullhint on inherit.

a) Install some assetpack (see manual) But really, you can just ignore the message, its not an error as in somthing has gone wrong.
b) Read the javadoc of spatial.setCullHint