2022-12-16 Live Stream - Continuing the probe debug visualization

In tonight’s live stream (9PM GMT-5) I will continue where I left off last week. Though depending on questions in the chat, it’s likely that there will be some demo/discussion of the weapon/tool control scheme.


I was able to get the probe debug views to show up finally.

Chapter markers have been added for folks who like to click around the video. Here is a preview:
0:00 Intro
0:55 Recap Last Week
3:10 Hooking the debug views up to config
7:10 Brief Tool/Weapon demo
7:45 Hook up probe debug to physics
23:00 Hook up visualization
39:40 Debugging why it doesn’t work
49:10 Always something dumb
51:30 Putting the view in the right location
1:09:20 Outro

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