2022-12-23 Live Stream - AI steering behaviors

More or less continuing where I left off last week. Though I will probably also talk about some of the other things I’ve done this week that had nothing to do with AI.

Starts in about 15 minutes: 9PM GMT-5


It was a productive stream and I even spent some time talking about world generation and the MOSS fractal tool. Chapter markers have been added for folks who like to skip around. Preview:
0:00 Intro
1:00 Progress this week
3:55 Teleport
6:30 What we’re doing tonight
7:50 AgentDriver organization
11:10 Simple brain
19:40 Testing the simple brain
21:00 Animation is broken
24:30 Quick fix for animation
26:10 Animation networking explanation
31:25 Hooking up “eat” animation
33:00 Testing it
34:15 Slightly more advanced brain
35:20 Implementing “Arrive”
49:00 Initial testing
50:20 Actually hook up durations
51:00 Debug “Arrive”
53:00 Pass by reference issue
54:00 Should work now
58:00 Maps and fractals
1:11:00 Wrapping up