2022-12-26 Live Stream - Deep dive into world fractals

Since I’m on vacation, I thought I’d do a deep dive into a requested topic “world fractals”. I’m going to use some fractal generation tools, maybe some hand-drawn diagrams, and some live demos to show how a game can use layered fractals to build a world.

9PM GMT-5. Join live if you want to ask questions while it’s happening.


Chapter markers have been added. I’ve thought of a better way to visualize how fractals work that I may use in some future video. In the mean time, if you think of an area that deserves more detail then let me know.

Here is a preview of the chapter markers:
0:00 Introduction
0:40 What I’ll be covering
1:54 Why Fractals?
4:25 How Fractals Work
11:00 Original Mythruna Fractal
13:45 MOSS Mapper Tool
16:00 Playing with fractals in the Mapper tool
29:40 New Mythruna Fractal Prototype
30:13 Voronoi/Worley Noise
36:11 More fractal deconstruction
48:30 Problems with this fractal set
50:30 Seeing it “in game”
1:02:35 Stumbling through “ridge fractal” math
1:03:32 Town/Roads/Trade routes Reprise
1:13:30 Wrapping Up

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