2022-12-30 Live Stream - AI perception

Tonight (Friday) 9PM GMT-5
At least that’s the plan: add some swappable behaviors and start working on the perception API so that the birbs can ask questions about their surroundings. Including looking for “home” and looking for other gaefen, etc… I don’t know if we’ll get to events this time as I also want to digress and spend a few minutes talking about world fractals and dungeon maps.


Took me an hour or so to get to what I actually wanted to work on but I’m well setup to continue now. Chapter markers have been added. Here’s a preview:

0:00 Intro
1:00 Overview of the week
4:30 Dungeon layouts
8:40 Back to Gaefen
10:30 Switchable behaviors
28:00 Master behavior
39:00 Behaviors that can complete
55:30 Perception bubble
1:19:00 Wrapping up