2023-04-21 Live Stream - Random Dungeon Generation pt 3

Tonight I’ll start adding test-integration to Mythruna to test it “in game”. This won’t be the real integration but there are some things that I can only properly test in the game world later (like mobs, loot, etc.). So even before full integration happens, it’s nice if there is a player test tool that can plot a dungeon at any location.

If there is time then we may also play with some different dungeon styles for parts of the map.

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Stream is over and I was able to get to the point where clicking on the ground would live-generate a dungeon… so now it’s easier to proceed with all kinds of development, both temporary and otherwise.

If any of you would like me to do a direct and more detailed explainer video on how the dungeon layout algorithm works then let me know. I’ll create some diagrams and stuff and have an actual script and so on.

…you can comment here but commenting on the video would also be cool to feed the algorithm.

Hi pspeed, are you using wave function collapse algorithm for dungeon generation?

No. I use something similar to wave function collapse for building generation but dungeons are a completely separate algorithm. I describe it in some detail in one of the previous videos… maybe part 2 (2023-04-14).