2023-10-06 - Live Stream - Character Creator

Join me tonight at 9PM GMT-4 as I flesh out the character creator a bit more. Trying to at least get to hair color tonight.

Mythruna’s current character creator is a bare minimum UI to select the name, race, and gender… which aren’t even really hooked up to anything. Tonight I’ll be laying the foundation for the real character creation UI and starting to hook some of that up.

…but really I need hair color (and ideally skin color, too) for my costume for the in-game Halloween party on the 27th. So I’ll be at least trying to hook those and the race/gender selections up.

Mythruna - “Character Creator” Coding Live Stream https://youtube.com/live/Y1D7Fnzzp1Y?si=shk2fNa5Ms1nG3bb

Thumbnail is a bit click-baity because that’s not the character creation UI at all.