2023-11-03 - Live Stream - Collider testing tool

Tonight (9PM GMT-4), I’m working on a tool to test the block type colliders. This is prep for getting non-cube collision shapes working.

From experience, two things are true:

  1. writing the block colliders is fraught with peril and odd-hard-to-track edge cases
  2. a time investment in tooling is rarely wasted

So I’ll be adding some testing tools to the existing Shaper tool that I use to define block sets. This is a good target because it’s already setup with most of the base I need… and because rather than just testing the colliders on their own, it will let me test them in the context of actual block types. It’s one thing to know that a wedge collider works on its own… but it’s even better to know that the way it aligns with the thatch roof block is also accurate, etc…