2024-05-24 - Live Stream - Music Composition

At 9PM GMT-4 I will try to live stream some music composition for this week’s @MusicWeeklies challenge (and for the game).

This is my first time, so there are numerous technical challenges that may cause me to pivot back to regular development tonight… but I’m going to give it a try.

Mythruna - “Music Composition” Live Stream



I have to commend you for doing so much.
I’m curious how long it took you to learn about blender modelling and music? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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It’s an ongoing process.

I’ve been writing music (crappy music) since my earliest days at a computer in th1 1980s. Several of my old BASIC games on the Compaq luggable had theme music. (One of them still gets stuck in my head to this day.)

I didn’t get really serious about composing until 15 years ago or so. But I’ve been in bands and stuff. I played piano (self taught) for a long time and guitar since the 90s (actually took some lessons for guitar for a couple years). Drums/percussion was my first instrument. I come from a musical/artistic family. (My uncle had a small home recording studio for a while that I could use from time to time.)

I’m not particularly good at any of that but I’m persistent. (Here is the play list for the time I wrote a song a week for the music weeklies challenge where they pick the theme and everyone tries to write songs for it: Stream Paul Speed | Listen to Paul Speed's Music Weeklies Entries playlist online for free on SoundCloud)

re: Blender, I stumble through Blender but I’m getting better. I’ve used 3d Studio, 3Ds Max, some modelers on the old Amiga computer, and so on. Blender is a very deep and wide ocean but I’m happy to be getting better at it.

True story: when I went to college for computer science, I was seriously thinking of minoring in art. In one of my first art classes, one of the assignments was to draw abstract representations of like 12 emotions. I couldn’t even THINK of 12 emotions let alone how I would draw them… that’s about the time I decided that maybe I’d stick to my own paths. (This was well before Blender was even a thing… I wouldn’t even learn photoshop for another 3-4 years at that point… which is an interesting story all its own.)


Oh, and thanks for commenting. :slight_smile:

That live stream was a bit of a train wreck but I learned a lot for next time.