3.1 Sneak peek : Light culling and Single pass lighting

Also I didn’t mention it, but Light culling is Kirill’s work. He came up with the LightFilter system that is pretty simple and efficient. I wouldn’t want to get all the credits for this.
So @Momoko_Fan come and post “Hello” so people can thumb your ass up!!!

@mifth said: I would test it. But i have 3.0. And i can't compile all this stuff. Could you still make this test? As it will be faster for you. You have all this stuff.
Yeah ok. not sure it's gonna make a lot of difference though.

Awesome nehon!

I look forward to using it with jme 3.1! :slight_smile:

@nehon: already got my ass thumbed over at http://hub.jmonkeyengine.org/forum/topic/light-culling-is-now-available-and-enabled-by-default/ but thanks for the shout out. :slight_smile:


Thank you @nehon . Just write if there will be different performance.

As you wrote - Cubes have 70% faster.

Will se how it will be with more heavy scene. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the update!
It’s always great to hear about how the development is going.

Not to be able to use Google search BBS now

Cool! This is the proof that JMonkeyEngine is not dead!