3.6.0-stable Display Settings gone

I set the jme version to 3.5.2-stable did not skip the display Settings at runtime (The display Settings version is 3.6.0-stable,But it doesn’t matter).

Setting the jme version to 3.6.0-stable skips the display setting at run time,I don’t want to skip the display Settings where should I change?

I believe there’s a library called ‘dialogs’ or something that like that needs to be included. I don’t know if this has been included in the ant template for 3.6

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Its worth noting that it was removed by default (and made a seperate library) because it was not OS independent. It does not work at all on mac if I recall correctly.

Its also a bit of an unusual thing to have. Most modern games don’t open with a highly technical settings screen.


Thank you for your reply~
I still find it convenient in unit testing

Thank you for your reply

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there’s a library called ‘dialogs’ or something that like that needs to be included.

That’s correct. The full name is “jme3-awt-dialogs”.


Thank you for your reply and accurate tips

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It is pending a resolution in the SDK, Decide what to do with jme3-awt-dialogs · Issue #460 · jMonkeyEngine/sdk · GitHub :slight_smile:

Not included currently in neither of the application templates.

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Just note that 99% of JME applications are not games but demos, prototypes, and proofs of concepts on the way to being games.

And in all of those cases, it is useful to be able to mess with the settings before starting.

And any “modern game” will have to go through a ton of release-related cleanup and fixup, which certainly includes turning off that dialog and replacing it with other in-game settings screens as appropriate for the game.

My vote is for the templates to include it by default.



Very handy during development.

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