3 or 3.1 alpha 4?

Recently, i want to test the jMonkeyVr in jme3, but i dont know whether 3 or 3.1 I should use.
because i have moved a project to 3.1 alpha 1 from 3, but it made lots of errors. So anyone could help me?

Lats time I checked MonkeyVr use his own of JME3 that is synced to the official repo from time to time.
I also remember it being clearly specified in the MonkeyVr readme.md file.

Here is @phr00t’s JME build GitHub - phr00t/jmonkeyengine: jMonkeyEngine is a 3D game engine for adventurous Java developers. It’s open source, cross platform and cutting edge. And it is all beautifully documented. This is Phr00t's version of that library; better performance, bleeding-edge commits, support for Virtual Reality & multithreading.

Thank you!


  1. will need to know my “VR with jME” options soon. Having a Oculus DK 2 and a Google cardboard (but willing to get other things too).

  2. Somehow I don’t like the idea that I will need to use a fork, but if it’s the only or superior way, I will use it.

  3. An overview on the available VR options for jME would be cool. Maybe a wiki page?

  4. Shall I open another topic for this, once I’m ready for action? Or should we use a topic already existing (like this one)?

Thanks, :chimpanzee_smile:

1 & 3) I’m not sure if @rickard is still maintaining his fork, which I believe at least originally was trying to fit into the main jME3 branch (to address #2).

  1. Yeah, I understand it isn’t ideal. Too many competing interests… it could be done, but I think it’d slow both of our progress if we were trying to keep things aligned. I strive to keep my branch as closely to the main jME3 branch as possible, but with changes required for VR simplicity & performance.

  2. I prefer new topics over old… better organization.

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Yeah, definitely new topic. But a wiki page sounds good.

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Sorry, I’ve nevered heared that its have two branch. Uh… a wiki page or a overview topic must be cool, I’m looking forword it.

I’m looking forward to it too.