[3079] v1.8.1 update released :)

Hey all,

I’m going to keep working on this, that is for sure!

v1.7 released – people who bought the game and re-login to BMT Micro and download it, while others can see some of the changes in the free demo (also updated).


  • Sloped surfaces! 3079 is now less blocky :slight_smile:
  • Added ‘Game Help’ to the main menu
  • Tweaked weapons a bit (rifle uses less energy, sniper rifle shoots slightly slower etc.)
  • Improved “chunk” saving format to something faster and more reliable (old saved games will automatically be converted)
  • Tweaked garbage collection to further reduce lag (which is already very low)
  • Changed the main menu’s look

    The new main menu’s screenshot (showing a little of the curved surfaces):


    As always, you can check it out @ http://3079.phr00t.com/

    Thank you jME3 team and community for helping to make this happen :slight_smile:


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Kinda got a rapid-release schedule going here :stuck_out_tongue:

v1.8 is out:

  • Destructible terrain! All soft terrain (snow, leaves, dirt, grass etc.) can now be blown up
  • New textures sprinkled about (flowers, cracks in walls, knots in trees etc.)
  • Fixed a bug with some sloped terrain not being aligned correctly
  • Added more space for fonts on the main menu
  • Fixed a bug that caused damage when getting “hung up” on edges of terrain

    I’d like to show some of this off in a video, but I’ve got too much coding to do :smiley:

    Next up is a mouse sensitivity setting (highly requested!), new AI textures and AI collision (I think)…

Much requested feature has been added: mouse sensitivity adjustment! :smiley: Set it in-game using the page up/page down keys.

I made this a small release, because I want to get on to the “big feature”: multiplayer! :o

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@phr00t said:
I made this a small release, because I want to get on to the "big feature": multiplayer! :o

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how do i get started

open world

@popdevon said:
how do i get started

To get started Press Z When spawning and youl fall to earth fast and then the demon will not kill you and you lose the items.
Find a building with Human signs on it and enter it
Find a human with a star and press q on him
You should talk to a merchant first and buy some armor.
And then you do some quests
When you reach level 3 and a little bit past level 3 Not 4
Your anti grav pack doesent work anymore same with grappling hooks
Those 2 items if your 2 levels higher then them You cant use them.
Enjoy the game :D