[3079] v2.0b out!

Hey all,

Lots of improvements and some important item balancing in this release. I’ve also added new quests, improved multiplayer network performance, added faction-specific forts and more.

I noticed it was a bit too easy to have “everything” in 3079. You could keep customizing items until you had everything & you could activate an infinite number of batteries and generators to have even more. Not any more – you can only activate up to 4 generators or batteries. This will require you to build on your base statistics and pick and choose which items to use when. I’ve also made items only allow one customization via a part (so you will have to give more thought to which part you want where).

Also, as highly requested, game exit confirmation! :slight_smile:

Here is the big list of goodies:


  • Multiplayer networking improvements: should be smoother with slow clients
  • Added game exit confirmation
  • Item information pops up quicker
  • Weight information is now displayed
  • Generators and batteries have an activation count limit of 4
  • Items can only be customized / engineered once
  • Tweaked which items can be customized
  • Faction-specific forts are now implemented
  • Added a /history command to view past messages
  • Added a quest to destroy capital ships
  • Added a quest to infiltrate an enemy fort and install a trojan
  • Fixed doors closing on people
  • Added “health” consoles in buildings that recharge health & energy
  • Slightly reduced overall health regeneration
  • Slightly reduced the amount of flying characters
  • Tweaked building floorplans to be more “sneaky” friendly
  • Added messages when a player kills another player in multiplayer

    Get it @ http://3079.phr00t.com/

  • Phr00t

v2.0b – a small patch (and I got rid of the “p” stuff in the version name):

  • Fixed the spawn rates of capital ships
  • Quests are properly cleared when quitting and starting a new game