[3079] v2.0pre7 out :)

Hey all,

Lots of stuff in this update. Better graphics (dynamic skybox really helped), extended demo & many multiplayer fixes.



  • Added fancy new horizon graphics
  • Extended the demo: you can now travel much farther
  • Multiplayer models are now unique, determined by your name
  • Updated the main menu’s screenshot
  • Fixed the blinking “You are dead” message in multiplayer
  • Fixed damage inconsistencies in multiplayer
  • Fixed players spawning in the same location after dieing at start in multiplayer
  • Fixed a few server crashes, improving stability
  • Fixed a bug that caused some characters to not be updated remotely


    I plan on completely wrapping up multiplayer functionality (need to do more testing & figure out how the final boss battle will play out in multiplayer). I also plan on adding radioactive biomes and big captial ships that fly by from time to time, trying to “stop” the war with big guns :wink:

  • Phr00t