[3079] v2.11.10b out!

Hey all,

3079 has been updated to v2.11.10b

LOTS of stuff in this update. First, I wanted to get the mini-ships completed. Urcheon made 3079 some sweet cockpit graphics, each for the different faction ships. Lots of multiplayer synchronization stuff was improved for the mini-ships & an afterburners feature was added. Turrets are now in, and they can be found in cities, faction-controlled forts and also constructed by players. To keep things balanced, you can only build 3 turrets, and they go away when you leave the area. Elevators can now be built, which should help with your sniper towers


I also implemented lots of request interface improvements, like having the escape key get rid of dialogs without showing the “exit game” message. I’ve also added options to delete games & restart games with previous characters.


What is next? I hope to find a solution for 3D weapons and get some new items added. I also have a few more loose ends in multiplayer to fix, like guys getting stuck in floors.

Here is the complete list of changes:

  • Turrets! Now you can build and find automatic defense turrets
  • Mini-ships are almost complete: cockpits added (thanks to Urcheon) & many bugs fixed
  • Mini-ships can now be safely stopped by holding the “stop ship” key
  • Mini-ships are now immune to crashes for a few moments when taking off
  • Mini-ships now have a thruster sound
  • Mini-ships now have an afterburner ability by holding forward
  • Added options to restart new worlds and delete previously saved games
  • Fixed the ESC key to close out dialogs without popping up “exit game” message
  • Added a confirmation dialog to committing suicide
  • You can now build elevators
  • Fixed a bug that caused mini-ships to spawn inside buildings
  • Fixed characters being alive while showing 0% health
  • Fixed a crash that happened when clicking “cancel” on the connection address dialog
  • Fixed many server-related crashes, which caused “frozen characters” for clients
  • Added new Humoid & Neander face textures (thanks again to Urcheon)
  • Added a new “Very Basic” graphics setting for slow hardware that reduces draw distance
  • Construction options can now be cycled quicker by quickly clicking the right-mouse button
  • Fixed the storage box’s construction point cost
  • Improved starting faction with Humoids so accidental attacks won’t cause global hatred
  • Disabled camouflage while in a mini-ship
  • Demons should no longer spawn in air when the Demon King is dead
  • Attacking mini-ships will now affect the player’s faction
  • Removed rounding errors when characters are finding the correct rotation to look & aim
  • You can now immediately activate batteries & generators when purchased at merchants
  • Fixed a bug that caused the chat history log to stop updating after awhile
  • Limited the console text entry length to avoid really long chat lines
  • Found ways to improve networking performance by pre-compressing known item names
  • Fixed a bug that made players stay invisible when using ships outside your view area
  • Made tweaks to AI so characters investigate when losing a target, instead of still “attacking”
  • Found some areas to improve CPU performance
  • Made some tweaks to hopefully fix characters not showing up for other players in multiplayer

    If you purchased from BMT Micro – you can get the update now! Just re-visit the download link you got from BMT Micro and re-install. Desura, IndieRoyale and GamersGate customers will have to wait for approval, but the updated version has been uploaded to all of these places.

    Thank you again for your support!
  • Jeremy (aka Phr00t)
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