[3079] v2.13.3b out!

Hey all,

Unfortunately, I got sick the first half of this week, so this update didn’t turn out to be as big as I hoped. However, I instead turned this latest update into a much-needed bugfix & polishing update. Many nagging bugs and gameplay “holes” have now been resolved, which should result in a much more consistent and reliable gaming experience. Annoying things like losing all of your items on death, spawning in locked rooms, characters spawning in floors in multiplayer games & doors opening oddly should be things of the past.

This release isn’t without some new features, though! I’ve added character dialogs – you can now “interact” with normal, friendly guys & they will have something to say. I’ve also added “Damage Per Second” & “Energy Per Second” information to item descriptions.

I also plan on dropping the “BETA” label in a few weeks. I’m hoping with this bugfix release, bugs should be few and minor. I do still plan on adding new, cool features like hijacking, cave systems & custom weapons, of course!

Here are the complete list of changes:

  • Dialog with characters! Normal guys now say something when interacted with
  • You no longer drop items when dieing, which should resolve “lost all items” issues
  • Added “Damage Per Second” and “Energy Per Second” to item descriptions
  • Merchants will now properly respond to trade requests in multiplayer
  • Doors will now open and close as expected (even bigger ones)
  • Characters should no longer spawn in floors or walls in multiplayer
  • Lights now should shine as expected past “chunk” edges
  • Hopefully fixed a bug that caused item duplication with storage boxes and merchants
  • Characters now will always drop 1 item, instead of sometimes 2
  • Increased value of gems a bit more
  • Further improved “chunk” building performance
  • Fixed some radar plot coloring bugs
  • Commands are now case-insensitive
  • The “home waypoint” block now works in air
  • First floors of buildings are no longer created locked (fixes “spawning in locked room”)
  • Fixed a bug that made grappling hooks not disappear when using a ship
  • Grenades now bounce as expected when viewed remotely in multiplayer
  • Mini-ships should no longer spawn on top of each other
  • Explosions & hit “puffs” should no longer linger in multiplayer games
  • Tweaked some networking code to improve bandwidth usage a bit

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