[3079] v2.18.2 out :)

Hey all,

3079 got a few more improvements! A new energy shield item is available, which can help soak up damage at the expense of energy. To balance out this new item, standard armor defense amounts have been reduced a tad.

You can now set a waypoint on the map, which also now can be moved with the mouse. A few small crashes have been fixed too, so things should be plenty smooth and reliable.

Here are the complete list of changes:

  • Added an energy shield utility that absorbs damage
  • Slightly reduced standard armor defense values (to balance with new energy shield item)
  • Items placed by quests will now be somewhere near the quest marker, instead of directly at it
  • Added a waypoint feature with the satellite map
  • The satellite map can now be moved with the mouse
  • Fixed a crash when leaving the satellite map when underwater while in “No Effects” mode
  • Fixed a rare crash when loading from an unreadable or corrupted player save
  • Updated the underlying jMonkeyEngine to latest release

    Get it @ http://3079.phr00t.com/

    This is likely a “final release” for awhile, unless some bugs need fixing. I’m moving on to my new project full time, where I will take all the things I’ve learned from 3079 and make a more focused, great game :slight_smile:

    Thanks guys!
  • Phr00t