[3079] v2.1b out, new logo & connections!

Hey all,

3079 is picking up steam & making new connections. The makers of Towns (http://www.townsgame.com/) and Stellar (upcoming game from a previous reviewer from Irrational Games) have been helping me get 3079 more publicity. The first thing you may notice is the new logo design and theme by burningpet:


v2.1b is also out, featuring more interior details, fixes, character indicators & the fancy new look @ http://3079.phr00t.com/

Complete list of updates:

  • Changed 3079’s theme & logos thanks to burningpet
  • Added more texture detail to interior walls and floors
  • Made character coloring more consistent
  • Added attacking and follower indicators
  • Fixed following behavior in multiplayer
  • Fixed faction inconsistencies in multiplayer
  • Fixed a rare server crash on client connection
  • Added graceful exception handling with error messages for reporting

    Thanks all!
  • Phr00t
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Wow! Nice Logo 8).

really nice