[3079] v2.2b out! Graphics & configurable keys ++

Hey all,

I got some help from the artist from the game Towns (burningpet, same guy who made the logo) and made a few changes. First, I got rid of the blue hue in the grass, so now it looks more natural (again). He also gave me a new desert texture which looks pretty nice :slight_smile:

Also, due to popular request, configurable keys! The in-game help has also been revamped to show you the keys you configured. A few fixes are also included.

Some good news – 3079 will soon be available on Desura, a game distribution system. People who have paid for 3079 via my website will be eligible for a Desura key – just send me an e-mail and I will get you a key.

Full list of changes:

  • Keys are now configurable
  • Help is now dynamic based on customized keys
  • Added a bit more info to the in-game help screen
  • Improved the grass and desert textures
  • Renamed “Special Effects” to “Advanced Graphics”
  • Added mipmapping to “Advanced Graphics”, making textures look better
  • Made attacker/follower indicators a little more transparent
  • Fixed a bug that caused followers to get locked together
  • Fixed a bug that caused the game to remain frozen after quitting from help

    Get it @ http://3079.phr00t.com/ (https://sites.google.com/site/3079game/)

    Thanks all!
  • Phr00t
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Nice progress .

good work paving the way for jme on Desura, it’s an avenue a lot of us will need to take at some point.

Yaaay! Congrats on being the first jME game (to our knowledge) on Desura :slight_smile:

Would appreciate it if you could list jMonkeyEngine 3 as your engine on your IndieDB entry. You might also want to consider changing your permalink from ‘phr00t’ to ‘3079’; you’ll probably pop up in more searches that way.

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I want to add jMonkeyEngine, but it won’t let me just “list” jMonkeyEngine. I need to add the engine to their database, which requires a bunch of images and the like:

Preview Image*

2000kb max, 1024x768 recommended

Profile Header Image*

200kb max, 950x150 recommended

This header image is shown at the top of the engines profile, where the engines name is. An image with no text looks best.

LARGE Profile Header Image*

2000kb max, 940x370 minimum

Please upload an in-game screenshot of your engine here with no text as that will look best.

License, Company & Summary also needed… once all that stuff gets added, then I can list it as 3079’s engine. :confused:

its already in there ? http://www.indiedb.com/engines/jmonkeyengine

@thetoucher said:
its already in there ? http://www.indiedb.com/engines/jmonkeyengine

Huh, yeah, it is on indiedb... but I don't see it on the engine's pulldown list on Desura, where I added the game. :/

EDIT: I logged into indiedb and jMonkeyEngine was on the pulldown list, so I set it -- now it is properly listed on Desura too. Yay!

EDIT2: Ha, there was this message on Desura:

"Is this engine already on ModDB or IndieDB? Then you don't need to re-add it to Desura, you simply need to ask us to publish it."

... so, that is why I didn't see it on Desura, because only "published" stuff shows up there.