[3079] v2.8.13b out, new video! :)

Hey all,

Keeping the awesome JME3 community in the loop! A big event is happening next week for 3079, so I wanted to polish 3079 up a bit and make a new trailer:


* Many multiplayer fixes: disconnects & chunk loading problems should be all fixed!
* Fixed the "Multiplayer Servers" link on my homepage -- much easier to find servers!
* All new character textures: new Neanders, Humoids, Ships & Demons! Thanks to Urcheon from Desura
* Improved AI: characters will now follow and jump more intelligently
* Performance improvements
* Fixed a bug that allowed you to stack items on top of each other in storage
* Character heads now pivot correctly at the neck when looking up or down
* Humoids now always have 2 legs, Neanders have 4
* Added more help and tips at the start of the game, especially for first-time players
* Maximum grappling hook and antigrav device support is now shown in inventory
* Characters should no longer spawn on top of each other
* "Action" key now closes the storage screen in addition to opening it
* Fixed a crash when a remote player uses a grappling hook on a demon in multiplayer
* Added an option to the dedicated server to specify the directory to save chunk data
* Dedicated server now can run without any graphical interface correctly

BMT Micro owners can get it now, awaiting approval on GamersGate & Desura. You can also try the free demo @ http://3079.phr00t.com/

Thanks all,
- Phr00t

I got the music from here:


“Bourne Conspiracy” by djbouly – and the album license has no limitations on commercial use :slight_smile:

Already saw it! I’m right on track! Also I just saw you created one of my favorite phone apps. droidcraft…

Love the look of the creepy new characters :smiley:

music done with MAGIX-Music-Maker with one of soundpools(i good remember some of used sounds) :slight_smile:

as i good remember they had licence that you cant use it comercially:

so i hope this is only video music

remember, dont use it ingames :slight_smile:

BTW: game rocks :slight_smile:

he really used their soundpool

take a look here:


You may not make any changes to the licensed software, personally or via third parties

so he cant modify licence of soundpools

The music, photo and video files included in the MAGIX products may be used only for non-commercial purposes

so he cant tell, that it is for commercial...

so just dont use his music man :)