[3079] v2pre8 Released -- lots-o-fixes! :)

Hey all,

Hoping to move on to new features, I decided to just fix ALL THE THINGS :smiley:


  • Multiplayer should be “fully functional” – no known bugs
  • The final battle with the Demon King now works in multiplayer
  • Grappling hook is now functional in multiplayer games
  • Fixed a crash when receiving updates before the game fully loaded
  • Fixed the objectives info key to properly detect if you have a Demon Smiter
  • Flying characters will now lower their arm correctly after attacking
  • Improved performance in object processing (should help with large servers)
  • Servers will no longer draw characters very far away (near other players)
  • Your faction will no longer change when attacking/killing other players
  • You can no longer steal from other players
  • You can no longer send useless “follow” requests to other players
  • Increases in base statistics are now properly synchronized in multiplayer
  • Slightly increased # of leaders in buildings
  • Fixed a crash when loading a game for a multiplayer that had no single-player component
  • Fixed a collision bug that caused players to get locked together in multiplayer
  • Tweaked Demon King respawning code to happen quicker & closer to the ground
  • Other minor adjustments to improve network bandwidth usage & performance

    I’m sure there are more bugs to be found (let me know when you find them :wink: ) Otherwise, it is time to get some fancy new content in 3079 like radioactive biomes and capital ships.

    Get it @ http://3079.phr00t.com/

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