3D animation in MD5 reader2

Any idea on creating the animation like following "TIGHTROPE WALKER"?

the rope is bouncing up and down …

How can I animate the "tightrope" in JME?

model is relative easy to create as it's only a model loaded in JME.


The rope animation is something that MD5 format has not the ability to export. And I think that also jME does not have any utilities to do it. I think that to do such a thing you should create your custom code.

The rope is animated like a kind of Softbody, a deformable object. But, in my opinion, MD5 joints are not enough to do it. A deformer like a Lattice would do this job better.

Though you could achieve this result with bones if you set them as not connected (in Blender) and set up weights with attention.

Or simply do something like the cloth simulator…

Can I directly use CollidingClothPatch or ClothPatch?

I think ClothPatch is only 2D clothes but the "TIGHT ROPE" is 3D cylinder object.

You could certainly roll the cloth (probably modifying the implementation) into a cylinder.  :wink:

Or you could just write a rope class that makes use of the same spring classes as cloth does.

I completelly forgot the cloth simulator.

Cloth is like a SoftBody, used in the right what could give the expected results.

You mean modifing the ClothPatch Class is better option to create a "TIGHT ROPE" MD5 model that's bouncing around?

The way of doing it is modify ClothPatch Class to a cylinder instead of 2D surface?

a MD5 human model is loaded with collusion detection with the "TIGHT ROPE"?

I think the MD5 model should already standing on top of the "TIGHT ROPE", how to achieve that effect?

Probably not the case, but… If your animation is not player controlled, you could certainly just model the whole thing as an animated model, rope and all…

I also found make it as a MD5 model and load by MD5reader2 is much easier to do ( no coding needed )

the Game / Model is player controlled though.

I already have an animation loader in MD5reader2 that if some key is press, then animation is loading on the screen.

The problem with MD5 would probably be the rope. There is no way to export deformators other then bones, with MD5 format.

you can hand animate a rope with bones…many bones!!!..how good it  would look will however depend on the skill and  patients of the animator