3D desktop


I am new in 3D frameworks and I am looking for an application to perform some features.

I would like to make a 3D cube on which on could set what i want, side by side :

  • images
  • texte
  • html page with interraction
  • video
  • Swing components

    I would like to set anything on my cube sides and be able to rotate it to change side and interact with another side of it : for example a first side with an html page navigation, another with a video, another with one or several images etc.

    Do you know if it's possible on JME or if there is something to do this.

    Thanks a lot.


How about downloading Ubuntu and using Beryl?  :smiley:


Or is that where you got the idea from?

that would be pretty easily accomplished with our JMEDesktop stuff

I saw Berryl but it written in C++ wheras my application will be muliplatform and Berry is really open source.

I tryed with Java 3D but I have somme problem to display rich text on a cube side properly.

It is why I turned to JMonkeyEngine.

MrCoder,;)  is there a tutorial etc for the JMEDesktop stuff in order ?


after you are through TestJMEDesktop, you have moved the problem over to good old swing programming, and can start looking for tutorials on that instead

I’ve always wondered how to play a video in jme. Found this in the lwjgl hope it is of any use.

I tried it and it's very interesting. I would create 6 desktops with a cube disposition to do what I need.

Is it possible to run JMEDesktop in Applet

Take a look at this:


The game server is long-since taken off-line, but the menu should come up and show you a nifty cube with six desktops rotated in 3D using JMEDesktop.

…and yes, you can run JMEDesktop in an Applet.

Rollorama is very interesting. It goes in direction I want to.

I would like to mage a cube like that and been able to display on Images, Text, HTML, Swing.

Application must run in an Applet.

Anyway I would like to know how run jme desktop in applet.


Take a look at the examples for writing an Applet in jME…it should be straight-forward.

Yes it is what I am trying to do.

I installed JME from CVS.

I ran Tests applications JMEDesktop and applet.

java.security.PrivilegedActionException: java.lang.Exception: Unable to get certificate chain for LWJGLInstaller

And after applet starts but my desktop does not appear

Take a look on this:


IMO it is best 3d desctop i have eaver seen.

If they'd ever actually release something that usable.  It really would be quite easy to replicate this in jME with jME-Physics, the only part that would be complicated at all is the "actions".

does someone run jme desktop in an applet ? How ?