3D First Person Shooter BOT A.I

Hey, iv been working on a 3d first person shooter for a few months now, and I’m at the point were I need to start making bots. XD How do I even start? The map is defined by the user, so I can’t have movement tracks. How do I translate the scene graph into something I can base logic off of?

Have you ever written an AI before?

If not… then that’s where you start. Fundamentals and work your way up. There are several good books and probably tons of online resources not JME-specific.

You might find my lib interesting:

There was a PDF describing how the game KillZone made their AIs that was really interresting.


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Well a simple approach might be to just do (quite) some raycasts.

Depending on the intellect of your game, eg zombies could be easily done that way.

Another solution would involve just recording how the player moves,and automatically build a navigation grid out of this.

The Killzone documents are fantastic resources.
You probably want to use influence maps to abstract your maps.
This way your bot will see “fields” and move along them.

In addition to the already linked killzone paper (they have many more)

Here some influence maps resources:
Basics: http://gameschoolgems.blogspot.de/2009/12/influence-maps-i.html
Basics and more advances techniques: http://aigamedev.com/open/tutorial/influence-map-mechanics/

Intels AI article, covering navigation, influence maps and multi layered AI I think.
I read so many articles in the last weeks (implementing our own AI atm)

Also if you have access to a library (these books are expensive),
I recommend the books from the series “AI Game Programming Wisdom”, and their more recent successors, “Game AI Pro” and “Game AI Pro 2”.
The Killzone Devs also wrote quite a few articles there.

this might be useful to implement advanced ai http://alumni.media.mit.edu/~jorkin/gdc2006_orkin_jeff_fear.pdf