3d objects for scene creation

I have been a programmer for 20 years but i am new to java. I read in the jmonkey documents that blender is the recommended tool for creating 3d objects to be imported into jmonkey. Does jmonkey have human or animal 3d objects already completed, that I can use in scene composer? I know that unity has a store I could buy them from but that seems like a waste of money. Thank You

There are a few models, but mostly no.
You will have to organize most of the models yourself.

For human you can look at MakeHuman, a plugin for blender : http://www.makehuman.org/

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Normally you can download a bunch of animal and human models along with medieval houses and other things in the “Asset Pack Browser” window - the “WorldForge” Asset Pack. Sadly since our website changed our web admins didn’t manage to set up the downloads again yet.

Thank you for the help. I will dive into blender and also hope the jmonkey asset packs are available soon.

I will recommend Makehuman here too. It’s just free and the quality is crazy.

Oh yeah, and I almost forgot http://opengameart.org/ .
Has quite a few things in varying quality.

Another alternative could be Mixamo. You have much less freedom of how the character looks, but you get some free animations included. They can export into Blender compatible formats.
I tried it out once but went back to Makehuman for the freedom and better skeleton.
(Mixamo has a very awkward resting-pose skeleton)

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