3D puzzle on the app store


Thanks a lot! Indeed I decided to use jME because of the platform independence! Currently it runs fine under Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS and Android. (Although I test only a few platforms frequently.) But I’m not sure if I release it on Desktop…, but now I think over it again :blush:

Steam would be great… money money money :dollar: :dollar: :dollar: :smiley:

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Released new version for Android! :tada:

The performance should be much better than before:

  • Activated native bullet.
  • Removed loading nifty-gui XML files. (Only required on desktop)
  • OpenGL error on startup fixed (tester did not give me further details, maybe device says it supports DXT1A, but doesn’t? Anyway I assume now that Android never supports it)

@PewPewKapowie Sorry, no bigger buttons, no virtual joystick :innocent:

Thanks for testing!!!

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Why did you “activate native bullet”? Native bullet is always used on android?

Caught! I deactivated it manually :innocent: (don’t try this at home!).
You probably remember my question.

I was in hurry, I was unsure how to fix it, but finally updating the native libs helped.

Today I released a new version of my game. :smiley: Free for a limited time only! :tada:
It has many improvements especially for iOS, so now it’s equal to Android!

It’s the first version that deserves to be called a complete game. :innocent:

Feedback is always welcome.

To answer your previous feedback:

  • There is no tutorial. I think it’s more fun to find it out for yourself. It’s not as hard as Zelda or something.

  • Some Android devices take ages to load my app. A blank screen while loading is normal. Sorry, I don't know better!
  • Still no virtual joystick.


  • To run or jump in a diagonal direction, just drag to change your view. A virtual joystick would make it too easy! (To be honest: A virtual joystick is not so easy to implement…)

  • All levels are solvable. Even if it drives you nuts. Nerve-wrecking sound F/X enhance this feeling.
  • Remember there is is a rewind button if you fall down or reach a dead end. Or just restart the level.
  • Teleporters below a ceiling are sometimes harder to enter. You have to run and jump into. (I improved it a little, but still found a level where you need to run. I'm working on it.)

I don’t like spoilers, now I feel like telling you that Luke’s father is …

Now I’m looking forward to playing your iOS games… jMonkeyEngine makes it possible!
Thank you so much! :smile:


Arrrghh. iPhone 6 Plus is currently not supported! (Simply does not react.) Thanks for your feedback. Update submitted, guess in about 8 days you’ll see it.

I tested it in the Xcode simulator, which was obviously not enough. :chimpanzee_lobotized: The simulator says the resolution is 1242 x 2208 and a device says it’s 1080x1920. See iPhone 6 spec, but that doesn’t explain why simulator/device differ. :chimpanzee_confused:

I updated my game to jME 3.2.4 for iOS and Android!

Now instead of the nerve wrecking DPAD there is a virtual joystick. Control is much better now, but still a challenge on a touch screen. :grin:

Due to Corona I could not personally test on an Android device. So I hope for the best.
In the Android emulator Genymotion and BlueStacks it works fine so far.

And yes, I am the crazy guy who has no Mac and no Android device, but develops for iOS and Android :sunglasses: Thanks to jME!

[[I have a virtualized Mac :shushing_face: and an iPhone + iPad.]]

I was quite happy with the new jME: I could remove a lot of workarounds:
BitmapText now works on iOS and also nifty-gui is fully supported.