3D puzzle on the app store

Dear monkeys,

congrats to your new forum. You did an awesome job!

Glad that I can tell the world now that I ported my little game to iOS/Android:
Android (Free)
Android (Paid)
It’s a nice 3D puzzle. You can move blocks to form stairs to climb up.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

It would be nice if you tell me how it performs and which device / OS version you are using.

Feedback is appreciated.

UPDATE (2015-07-29)
Update released! iOS and Android versions are now head-to-head! :sunglasses:


Wow awesome,
you might be the fist one with a JME game on iOS!

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Very interesting indeed! How did you port it to iOS?

Thanks. I hurried to get it uploaded before Apple requires 64 bit submissions. :wink:

I followed the official documentation. :smile:. But there were a lot of pitfalls to circumvent, especially if you do it the first time.

The problems come one after the other, which are all solvable, but many tiny tasks cost you much time afterall.
Currently BitmapText is not displayed.
And many nifty components do not work. So I had to add some JNI iOS dialogs.
And if you want to support multi-touch you have to add a touch listener and watch the events carefully.
But this should be identical on Android. (Have to do some final tests.)

Update: Tests on a real device is strongly recommended. At least a 32 and a 64 bit device. The simulator is not sufficent. :cry:


Awesome, good to see iOS jME apps coming! I have compiled a new version of the avian compiler, you should be able to get the update as soon as the rest of the site (especially updates.jmonkeyengine.org) is back up.

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Thanks. And thanks for the update.

This reminds me of a pitfall… so I can confirm that the new Avian version will fix this:

Without it some of my levels would crash.
After my private Avian build the ARM64 support was added. So, this is a perfect update time!

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We’d love to hear from you in greater detail about your problems and how you solved them. You can make a separate thread about it in development discussion.

Oh, he added ARM64 support now? I didn’t realize that. Nice, the build is from the master branch so that should work then. If you get to it could you check if and how it works and what changes we would need to make to the ANT scripts etc. to use it? You can make a new thread for that and just @mention me. Cheers!


No problem. Hope it helps. See new thread

Yes, ARM64 is now supported: fix iOS ARM64 build by dicej · Pull Request #384 · ReadyTalk/avian · GitHub

Well, I love to try the new build, but maybe your expectations in my skills are a little bit optimistic. :innocent:
I have to update to Xcode 6.0 which might have other impacts… but we’ll see…

Today I also released the Android version.
Feedback is always welcome!

I think some bigger buttons would be helpful, I use an LG G3 and the buttons are pretty tiny and sometimes when walking I hit the wrong ones. Can you make a sort of joystick type button for walking? I love the game! Its a really cool concept and if it was easier to control the character I’d play it more often.

Bigger buttons are no problem. Current minimum is 128x128. I considered that as big enough. Bad guess. A virtual joystick was already on my wish list. I saw that tonegodgui has an example for that, but I tried not to add additional libraries.

Thanks for your feedback! :smile:

No problem! Also, it seems like the game gets really laggy when I walk on a portal, even if it doesn’t teleport me. It really slows to a crawl. I’m unsure if you noticed this or if its just me. This is a really cool game!!

I haven’t played with the GUI almost at all with jmonkey, but could you maybe arrange the 4 walk buttons into a square pattern, one on top, bottom, left and right, evenly spaced out (kind of like a D-pad. If it doesn’t make sense I’ll draw it later), make the buttons invisible and then add a little joystick image in the center of the 4 buttons, then just listen for which button is pressed down and draw a different joystick depending on which one is pressed down? That way if you move your thumb up, the top button is triggered, and a joystick that appears to be pushed forward is drawn. I hope you understand. I can draw a picture if you don’t. :smile:

Yeah, that was a compromise. Right before I wanted to publish the Android version I noticed that there is a bug (or feature or at least difference) in native bullet. So I reverted to jbullet. I didn’t want to reveal that, because I know it could cause some complaints. :innocent:

Currently it looks like to have these choices: Wait for jME 3.1 :relaxed: or replace the native libs with newer ones from the main line or revise my code.

Oh, thanks. :smiley:

Well, I understand what you mean. You were really precise, thanks. I promise I’ll take care of it, after the performance problem.

Works great on a iphone 6 =)

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Great to hear that. Thanks!

I installed the game on my Android Huawei Media Pad and it works okay.
I can see some lag, but it is playable.
It took ages to load and that was BAD for me.
I also couldn’t figure out exactly what to do.

Excellent effort though.

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Could be a fun idea of badges:

  • first window game (first release of a window game by that person)

  • first linux game

  • first android game

  • first mac game

  • first steamOS

  • first all platform game

  • first VR game

  • first all platform golden (for the first person, well revv, to release a jme game on all platforms)

Badges could also be created to nudge people into some direction.

Anyway… congratulation!!

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That’s good to hear. I was just preparing a new release which patches the native libs for better performance. Now I’ll wait some days to give more testers a chance to play before I upload and ruin the build. :grin:

Yes, it takes quite some time. The only optimization I found was to remove loading the nifty XML files which are not required on mobile platforms. (Already checked in.) And a progress indicator could prevent impatient people from killing it.

I’ve done that by intention. :blush: There is just a very tiny help text which describes all you need to know. There are not so many levels, and that will keep you playing…

Thank you!