3D scene import

Hi all,

I need build a  scene to walk around and test some basic physics features.

I got badly confused by all the information found about all the different formats, so i ask for some help of somebody who has already made experinences in building worlds and using the importers.  

  • Which is the best format for scene import and and where can i get some of those

  • Which format is to be choosen, if i want to integrate a avatar.....with support of Animation....and again where can I find some of those?

Thanks in advance,

I havn't started using animations yet.

But to import models, I use .obj extension.

It works great for me :slight_smile:

I got some packages to make it really simple to add a obj model with one texture.

I can post em if u want it :slight_smile:

Thank you, I am very interested in having a look at it.