.3DS import problem with Normals

I seem to be having a problem when I import .3ds files to JME- the normals aren't properly set and lighting, naturally, is screwed.  I'm told there's some kind of 'recalculate normals' function embedded in the API but I can't seem to locate it by browsing.  Anyone bumped into this before?


Most modellers do have such functions, so maybe You can import it into eg. blender, recalc normals and then export again.

I'm not sure if such a method is in jme.

Reading normals from a 3ds file used to work properly. Maybe that 3ds file is already screwed? Try to fix it with blender, 3d studio or what ever you prefer as modeling app.

My mistake, apparently I was confusing the situation with some custom code written for JOGL.  Thanks anyway.