3DS loader crash on $$$DUMMY

I’ve tried to read a 3DS file and i get the following error :

com.jme.system.JmeException: Logic error.  Unknown keyframe name $$$DUMMY
   at com.jme.scene.model.XMLparser.Converters.TDSChunkingFiles.TDSFile.findIndex(TDSFile.java:140)
   at com.jme.scene.model.XMLparser.Converters.TDSChunkingFiles.TDSFile.putTranslations(TDSFile.java:119)
   at com.jme.scene.model.XMLparser.Converters.TDSChunkingFiles.TDSFile.buildScene(TDSFile.java:74)

I don't know the 3DS file format, and after a try in reading the reader, i gave up. I found on some site describing the 3DS format, a special note on the dummy object. look's liket it is a known feature in the 3DS file format... what is it, and is there any workaround.

Yea can you email me your model? I havn’t put in DUMMY$$ considerations yet. It’s not something ‘most’ models have. It’s not anything difficult. It’s just used as a “joint” point holder for rotating a model. You don’t see DUMMY$$ often in recently made models.