A few explanations about scene composer needed

I’m making my first game, and am having a go at the scene composer. I read somewhere that if you are making a game, you don’t want to use the scenecomposer, and should rather just program all of the points where you want your objects to be into your main class.

If the scenecomposer is a good idea for making a game, then I want to know just a few things. For one, I see that there is a character control in the scene explorer. Does that mean that I don’t have to code for his physics? If so, how do I use it?

Some of the things I import are solid black, but are definitely there. Is this a problem with my textures?

If I have already programmed a character’s animations, will loading a scene instead of loading the model using code render what I’ve written useless?

Add on any more tips on the scene composer that you think will help. Thanks so much!

  1. You can add anything physics and save it along with your j3o file. That is collision shapes and the likes. You will always have to use some code to actually control your objects.
  2. Turn on the light
  3. Loading a scene is not much different from loading a model, you have access to all its sub spatials including animation etc.
  4. Look at the SDK videos and docs: