A Java student dreaming of creating worlds - But how?

Hi everyone, I am studying java at my school and I was looking for a 3d game engine to test my abilities. So i found this one at the top of the search results. needless to say that I immediately found myself at home with the engine and I’m really eager to work on something a little bigger than just a cube having a rave party on a black background.

-Long story short-
I am willing to create a 3d platformer game heavily inspired by the classics mario 64, Jak and Daxter and in particular This bad boy here, which Is one of my fav games ever.
Thing is: how do I start? I have no problem understanding the code, but since this is my first attempt on making a game I am lost on what to implement first. I was thinking of a cube that moves with wasd and jumps, but I’m curious to ask you that most surely know hot to start the development of a game, expecially this one that’s not going to be big or overly complicated

Thanks in advance and feel free to kick me in the teeth if I haven’t been clear in certain parts :wink:


The first rule is: Start small.

Then write some little goals somewhere, and start coding! Also, the beginners tutorials is the best place to start, if you haven’t yet. Be sure to do all 15 lessons.

Welcome to the jungle!

Thank you very much, I followed all 15 lessons except the last, where the code isn’t explained much, I’ll find a way to have an orbiting camera anyway though.

For now, basic it is, imma make my jumping block, i’ll post any significant update here

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Make sure to do all of the JME tutorials if you haven’t already. I’m pretty sure one of the physics tutorials is about a character that can move and jump… but you should really do all of them up to that point, too.

And in the SDK:
File > New Project > JME3 > JME3 Tests … open any of the .java files … right click > Run File

You will see that almost every basic engine feature XYZ has a TestXYZ.java for it.

Have fun,

Thanks a lot to all

Also do not forget your math book :wink:

And also http://wiki.jmonkeyengine.org/doku.php/jme3:scenegraph_for_dummies

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Don’t forget a computer! :smile: