A non squarely terrain

My game is a side-scroller and at the moment I use terreinPage for my terrain. But the image for the heightmap must be squarely, e.g. 257x257. My problem is that I need something like 1025x257. When I stretch the map while creating the terrainPage the texture looks very bad, because it is stretched too.

Is there a easy way to get a terrain that is 1025x257 ? Or must I write my own terrainPage? (This will take some years…)

I never used that terrain classes myself, but what about using multiple 257x257 ones?

Can you make a terrain that is 1025x1025 and then just set the height to 0 on the part that is past 257 and make it so that gets painted black?  Depending on your skybox and such it may not be possible.  Another option might be to use four blocks of 257x257 stacked up…that will give you close to that…


@darkfrog: i think that would be wasting memory. you would only use 1/4 of the allocated terrain.

better split up that 1025x257 terrain block in 4 x 257x257 terrain blocks. you just have to align them aftrewards

When making large terrain be careful with the memory. I had a problem with it some time ago. 

for side scrollers you usually won't need high detail terrain. and when llama finishes his terrain block load/unload support, the memory management should be easy enought too.