A* Pathfinding. Zig-zag phenomenon?

I picked up some old A* pathfinding code I had in an old Unity project. Works pretty well, but paths generated that goes positive in the X or Z direction have this weird zig-zag thing to them.

Here’s an example of nice non-jaggy paths when I generate a path that goes negative in the X and Z axis:

###And here’s what I get when going positive:

Any idea what might be wrong? I.E, where to look? I’ll share some code soon.

Just guessing : for some reason your algorithm seems to “think” it’s shorter so …
=> maybe it’s a weight calculation problem ?
Hard coding 1 for vertical/horizontal moves and 1.4 for diagonal moves always worked for me.

EDIT : or maybe in those circumstances your algorithm is not considering the diagonal move.

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Too me it looks like its only considering moves along one of the axes and not diagonal moves. Was the code originally written for a tile map? It looks like something I expect from navigating a tile map where there is a rule against diagonal moves.

Also, are you using the Euclidean or Manhattan heuristic – for tiles maps A* Manhattan is great, but it breaks down if you the distance guess are too big (too small is fine), and a Manhattan heuristic can do this if diagonals movement is allowed, so Euclidean should then be used.