A quick storyline - ideas about Monkey Zone . Welcome all your comments and opinions for improvement

WARNING : This art is not completely belong to me. And it will be replace by my art very soon (just the place holder )… So don’t angry with me for the stealing( which I’m not ) plz . Thanks :smiley:

I’m kind of making a story for the Monkey Zone game with sketch and some art (sceneplay…)

So , I want to tell you guys my idea about “quick” story plot for MonkeyZone:



When the mother earth got collapse by an asteroid , human in a chaos rush have to make a hard choice and they selected about 1 million of people (children and youth) in every nation to get into a tremendous spacecraft crew called “Reborn”; with a faint hope that the refugee can come across the universe through a “Light Gate” to a symmetric identical earth in the other side of galaxy …


So sad that numerous of space ship coundn’t finish the traversal T_T . They all died because of the radio-active of the big explosion … Just 50 thousand of humanity are survive after the last great challenge. Their ships arrived a Planet called “Gems” which was predicted to be the symmetric identical of the earth - but they get a big surprise : The Gems Planet is a devastated desert which only have a few Oasis and small rivers flow from the underground.


In the Gems Planet , their humanity made a colonial station and build a city for a new life… But their are not the only intelligent creature in the planet… There is another lord of the land, they’re Monkey !!! Back to the past, when the Gems planet was full of people (human) . They destroyed the environment, exploit ed resource exhaustedly. Their pushed they own kind to the extinction … Then the monkeys which survive after the catastrophe, continue the evolution and get so much more intelligent then human before. They have a very high-tech city underground and live in the oasis.


The Monkeys council decided that human are enemies. They are very big and intelligent ape almost are well trained soldiers and their population is about twice as much as human population now. They think they can win the war versus humanity then confidently send human a war message! Bundal - the leader of Monkey Gov give a command to the Monkey army to shot down a flying spacecraft , to give human a signal of their existence. Human immediately realize their dangerous situation and give a red alert. But Monkey don’t want to negotiate about the occupation of human in their land; There is a monkey called “Kian” who is the youngest monkey in the council … His kind of monkey called “Jara” is the nearest kind with human in the past, so they’re the most intelligent but the position in monkey society is not high cause the bad affect of their appearance:" They look almost like human !" Kian really want to help to prevent human and monkey war … So he come to human place in the overground and make negotiation with the leader of humanity - surprisingly is a very hot chick her name is “Spicer”. :stuck_out_tongue:


The “Reborn” children and youth , who affected by the radio-active became more and more combative (just like the monkey thought! ) . So the humanity split to two nation “Teno” - followers of Spicer who want to live in peace and “Acriman” followers of “Sroider” - who want to kill all the monkeys and invade their land and energy gems under the flag of revenge. Kian and Spicer tried to stop “Sroider” for doing some bad works. After sometime they fall in love , blah blah blah … However , the war is unavoidable . Air shooting with modern space crafts , big laser guns , hot explosions (which we like a lot ) between human in the “mega-suit” and very big and smart apes with “energy gems” is starting to begin!

to be continued! (pictures update soon ~ _ ~)

In a short sentence for a whole plot :

"A monkey guy with big muscle but good looking and a hot chick in tight suit ; drive the most ultramodern space craft ; shoot all enemies; blow every construction ; in order to save all the human … and monkey kind! "

And here is some artworks :

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atomix said:(...)
I'm doing 2d painting of the girl and a 3d scupting of the monkey ... I will upload them in tomorrow evening.

Excellent, I was hoping you'd prioritize 3D for the monkey, since we'll most likely use that one :) Looking forward to see what's next!

xieu90 said:
I wonder if we can export particle system from blender to ogre.
if yes then a hairy monkey wont be a problem ^^

Hmmm, I strongly doubt it. Last time I checked (just by reading), animated hair in Blender is not optimized for games.

I’m totally on board with the parallel planet and the origin of the monkeys, fun stuff!

I’m not very keen on the “main story”, but I’ll come back to that.

What I’m missing is some humor. We’re the monkey community after all!

Some examples of simple comedic flavor:

They’re all pirate monkeys.

This might go unexplained at first, but a “revealing” dialog might sound something like this:

Pete (the human): Tell me, wise one, what makes you pirate monkeys?

Wise Pirate Monkey: When our consciousness evolved beyond recognizing ourselves in a mirror, we realized the planet was ours for the taking. With the humans eradicated we could become whatever we wanted to be.

Pete (the human): So…, you became pirate monkeys?

Wise Pirate Monkey: Oh Pete, you’re quite the human… Tell me, if you could be a monkey or a PIRATE monkey, which would you be?

– pause –

Pete (the human): You are truly the Wise Pirate Monkey. Forgive my ignorance.

(Broad) References to Planet of the Apes

When the humans realize the planet is inhabited by monkeys, one character could say:

Moviegeek: Wow, it’s just like that movie. We’re on the Planet of the…

General: --Monkeys? Can’t say I’ve heard of it. If I were you I’d keep my voice down; those monkeys look like they could enslave you in a heartbeat.

So about the “boy meets girl”. I only see this working if we can put a seriously good twist on it. Boy or girl is not quite human has already been done a lot. We could make it more of a parody on the book/film “Planet of the apes”, but I think most of it would be lost on the majority of our audience. To use myself as an example (I’m on the verge of 22) I saw the remake 10 years ago, and I remember the character Dr. Zaius very well because he’s made appearances in The Simpsons. That’s about it.

Thing is, I’m not sure if we even need a main story line. Having a background story is great, but from there on we could really just let the game evolve in whichever direction our user contributions take it. Kind of like a comic universe, anyone can make their own branch and go crazy with it. If things get out of hand we’ll just take another page out of the comic veterans handbook and introduce a new parallel universe :smiley:

p.s. I am guessing you’re not a native English speaker because the grammar and structure could use some improvement, but we can deal with that later and I’d be happy to help.


@erlend_sh: Yes , I’m a Asian… My English skill is poor like hell I might say. Y_Y

Anyway , I want to explain about the necessary of a plot in a game in first place :

A game may have a type of playing , i mean : “Drive and Shoot in Space” or “Talk, flirt , making quest, buy/sell stuffs” … But in the feature, gamer may love to see all types can involve in one game! After chasing another hot rocket asses … They back to their own place and do some girl + boy work out … O_O

So what I want to say is : “If we have a plot , we can cover every aspect of a game :The style of character design , the environment backgrounds , dialogues , sound … and make them unique!

And whenever you want to do a single player mode, you can have it too. The game becomes a RPG Game (which IMO is the best game type)…

So, if you see my point you may think it’s not a waste of time, write down a complicated unnecessary story for nothing…

About the plot its self , the love between “boy (not human) and girl (ghost , clone , cyber … etc)” is a most simple and “old like earth” plots …

But hey , Avatar , which a good movie …and a game named “Enslaved : Odyssey to the West” - a modern revise of a very famous Chinese novel about Monkey King got a girl too… In the original story, the Monkey King is a monk… ~_~! So the game author brings in the girl character for some romantic purposes…(boring IMO) but girl make the actions and explosion scene more exciting and artistic …

And the death or the rescue of a girl (or lover) becomes every game (movie) motivation beside of a great mysterious fates, or the world saving jobs.

A twist” is the most important thing I might ask you guys to give me some idea… I know @erlend_sh is from a film university. So can you give me some … plz :stuck_out_tongue:

In a quick thought :

The radium-active make Spicer has strange power … but her life get shorter and shorter everytime she use the power to rescue Kian. So Kian have to take her to the gems mine of his kingdom to use the gem for the remedy… Sure it’s a fiendish plan of Sroider who pin a mirco chip in Spicer brain… It’s a “single player” quest in which you drive and came across the Monkey Kingdom defender to save the chick, but also reveal the gem mine that the enemy will smile.

P/s: Ahhh , forgot to say that I really like the pirate idea which can solve my “dull” idea about the death of humanity in Gems Planet thought … :stuck_out_tongue:

And , in the sense of humor , we really can have some big ape wear steel armor , low hat like a monk , squeeze their teeth talk seriously but act monk…ey (scratch their hand _ asses , lick their lips …monkey like I might repeat :smiley: lol )…

And in some serious talk , you can also see the two big, high society position apes push their chest to each others to prove their power like in Animal Planet … It’s a fun behavior too…



LOL … “We will rock ya” by Apes


You can create your plot however you’d like it to be. All I’m saying is that MonkeyZone’s main purpose is to showcase jMonkeyEngine 3’s features. A story beyond one that enables a bit of immersion and humor would be redundant for our purposes. The goal of MonkeyZone is to be a fully functional game with great looking assets, for two main purposes:

1 - An impressive demo to attract more users

2 - Carefully laid out example code for a ‘complete game’ sample

Some great side effects/goals:

  • The core developers get to “eat their own dog food” when they’re making a game with jME3 instead of extending it.
  • A great collection of free assets is created.
  • Any developer can start their own branch of the game to prototype their own unique concept or make a “MonkeyZone derivative”.

    That last one is where your story comes in. While MonkeyZone has to keep a narrow scope, everyone’s free to make their own “MonkeyZone derivatives”, which could for example be a single-player campaign with your storyline.

    So as far as my time is concerned, I will help flesh out the backstory (humans migrate to parallel monkey planet) and the theme (weird monkey combat) of the game, as those are the components that could have a direct effect on gameplay. That said, it will usually be the other way around.

Ok , I understood the “open purpose” which is kind of difficult but honor job :smiley: . So let’s consider this story for my side RPG project hook in MonkeyZone …

Any way, some space craft sketches are coming. So give me your comments about those things. I love to hear feedback from you guys and appreciate that ! :slight_smile:

Hi everyone , these are some updated line-art , i’m coloring them now !

Tell me what you think about the characters … :stuck_out_tongue:

The two main characters …

The Monkey Army

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Here is the color version of the hero character Kian … He’s using a laser sword … but a cool one , not a flashlight like Jedi’s one… :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, wat do you think about the character design … My drawing style is Comic cause I’m an original manga artist in free time. So, I’m hoping to hear your feedback , plz give me comments to improve it !

Close up to his face

these concepts are epic :smiley:

girl is my favourite <3

It’s really beautiful, you’re quite talented. I particularly like the hands. I’d definitely wanna kick some ass if I had a bracer like that.

oh , thanks you guys for your very kind words.

I’m doing 2d painting of the girl and a 3d scupting of the monkey … I will upload them in tomorrow evening.

The bracer is for driving purposes … It’s the key of every vehicle in the monkey kingdom , a secret treasure of Bundal which Kian stolen … And it’s also a weapon for close combat :stuck_out_tongue:

art is great!!! but it looks more fantasy than sci-fi, imho. As far as I know the Battle Zone was sci-fi.

But, fantasy is cool too!!!

@mifth :Yeah , It’s true that I draw the character in fantasy style but It’s just an idea branch for the game , I’m doing a sci-fi sketch too and will upload it later …

And what do you think about the kingkong with some heavy steel weapon in his hairy big arm…

I think it will be COOOOOOOOOOL!!! But, please, don’t paint his hands hairy. Hair is always difficult to make in 3d. More time will be spent. Make his arm in armour, imho…

I wonder if we can export particle system from blender to ogre.

if yes then a hairy monkey wont be a problem ^^

hair makes not by particles. this is not a rendering system… this is a game engine system. hair makes with normal map and planes with alpha. it needs too much time for good look making. i think this is not good for open source project.

Our task is to make quickly the good looking game with minimum of time.

@mifth : … I really want to make a hairy arm and then I 'll try to make it look good in low poly with a fur shader !!! However I haven’t finished the high one yet !

welll, as you wish my friend. :slight_smile:

atomix said:
@mifth : ... I really want to make a hairy arm and then I 'll try to make it look good in low poly with a fur shader (...)
Huh, what fur shader? :P Are you planning to make one?