A very basic problem

Well, I just want to know how to disable the method or whatever it is, that makes scenes and models disappear when I’m to far from them. I know this is as it is for a better game performance, but I want to see the whole map from the sky. This is to show the player a realistic map (based in the real terrain), while game is paused.

Probably related to:

i believe the disappearing (culling) of objects at a certain distance (default = 1000 world units) is controlled by the camera’s view frustum, specifically the “far plane”. a basic approach could be to adjust the far plane of the camera frustum (while paused) to a larger distance, and then revert it back to the default (while not paused).

a general explanation of the methods in Camera can be found here. note the tip to call cam.update() after making changes.

edit: bah. paul beat me by 7 mins.