About JME v3.7.0 and Thoughts About v3.8.0

Hi Guys,
The scope of JME v3.7.0 is quite clear and soon after we will merge to master 1 or 2 left PRs we will move to a feature freeze stage in which a new release branch will be forked from master so we can start testing it.
v3.7.0 contains thousands of new lines of code improving the engine without breaking compatibility AFAIK.
A detailed post will be published when we will enter the feature freeze stage.

Next, I would like to discuss v3.8.0
We have a big PR made by @JhonKkk which is almost ready but unfortunately Jhon stopped working on it in the past few months. However IMO it doesn’t mean that we cannot take it as-is and integrate it into JME. After all Jhon’s work is 99.9% ready for integration and as @yaRnMcDonuts wrote in the v3.7 thread - we can take the task of the remaining refactoring needed after the integration.
So, we have some time for the coming v3.7 release and I’m suggesting that right after the release we will take all necessary actions to integrate Jhon’s contribution as the main feature for v3.8. I feel that there is a lot of motivation here for doing so and that our talented community can cope with it :slight_smile:

Let me know what do you think?



Hi @adi.barda , before we go into the freeze stage of the software, please give us 1 or 2 weeks notice, like @sgold did, to give contributors time to submit any last-minute changes.



Sure. Thanks for letting me know. I’ll do that and also please note that I’m talking about feature freeze stage not code freeze. It means that no more features can enter the release but last time fixes of current features (everything that was integrated to master) still can.


Thank you @adi.barda , yes I also mean the feature freeze stage not code freeze :wink: