About JMonkeyEngine 3.0 Beginners Guide

I’m starting to study jMonkeyEngine and I’m more into reading in books than on the screen (I’m 53 years old and it will be the custom). The jMonkeyEngine 3.0 Beginner’s Guide book is from 2013 and I would like to know if it is worth reading or have all the chapters changed?
If someone who knows the book can tell me if there are chapters that have changed or which parts can be saved, I would greatly appreciate it.



I have that book actually haha and I really like it - I am not good with either java or jMonkey but I find that book very helpful and really the only chapter/section that has changed is the animation chapter and sections.

There is a new animation system put in since the book was published which is similar, but uses AnimComposers instead of the system that the book uses.

There will probably be a few other little details here and there but I’ve found everything still quite relevant and very helpful so far on my journey.


I’d recommend going through the jme wiki first before you dive into the book. A lot of wiki materials are repeated in the book, but the wiki is more up-to-date.

The PBR material is also added later which is not covered in the book.

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Thanks for the answers. I’ll continue with the book and watching the wiki too.

Btw, you can print the official docs pages using CTRL + P and attach them into a single pdf then print the whole file if you want to use a hardcopy, it will consume a lot of time, but you will reach your goal or at least a part of it.

I’ll have to do what you propose with some parts of the wiki.
Thanks for your input.