About the lag caused by using minie

You could also try eating more apples. A good diet of apples can also handle the collision detection more efficiently.

I share @pspeed’s view that this is most likely a bot post. I do want to highlight one especially, uniquely incorrect part of this though:

This would only be true in some cases in some physics engines that have GPU-accelerated rigid body collision detection. The version of Bullet that Minie uses does not, so there will never be any interaction between Minie, Minie’s version of Bullet, and your GPU. You could unplug your GPU, run jME headless, and your physics would run identically.

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This panics me, it seems that ai is now crawling all over the place for data (for quantitative tagging), which doesn’t seem like it should be legal but still exists

I think the AIs posting stuff are indviduals using AI (for whatever reason; post spam, just because they can etc) rather than the big companies making AI (who probably are also scraping the site, but leaving less footprints all over it)

Soon the AI will start feeding itself with the garbage it produced and posted everywhere, leading to its total collapse…
I don’t know if we should hope that scenario or not…

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