Add new build target dist-subdivision to remedy missing "class Subdivison"?

Building the latest jme, and found that when looking @ jmetest.subdivision.TestSubdivide is com.jmex.subdivision.Subdivision is missing.   Not sure how to resolve, but if somebody can tell me, the official way to get com.jmex.subdivision.Subdivison included in the jar files, please let me know.  To get around, I've included a patch for build.xml to create a new  dist-subdivision target and have added it to the dist-all target.

Heh, it would probably be helpful to have that actually included!

I'm not sure it needs its own build target but if dist-scene gets its own, I see nothing stopping this from getting a dist-subdivision.  Let's see if anyone has any opinions on this before we proceed.  Nice catch :smiley: