Add text box without adding dependency?

Hi there,

I want to prompt the user to enter in some text but I don’t want to use any dependencies like lemur tonegod or nifty.

Am I looking at using a bitmap text and tracking all keys?

Or would there be a simpler way to do this without having to extend a swing application?

I’m confused… you want a simple way but don’t want to use the simple way?

Lemur is the simplest way to get a text box.

Beyond that, you are manually adding your own RawInputListener to InputManager and catching the keys yourself, managing the string, cursor position, cursor keys, backspace, delete, etc… Applying those changes to BitmapText, etc…

Why is it that you don’t want to simply import the Lemur jar and do new TextField()?

It’s not that I think they’re bad at all. I actually plan to use lemur.

I just didn’t want to add the dependency for the simple reason of having a text box.

I was just wondering if there was something that was like super easy and obvious that I had not known.

Your comment addresses my question perfectly and I will most certainly use lemur instead of going through the process of using the input listener etc.

I’m sure you’ve been asked a trillion times. Is there a download link direct for the jar or should I download from your github and compile myself?