Adding Folder/JAR issue

I tired to add new JAR to the project dependencies but by mistake added a completely wrong folder*, unfortunate this folder was something huge like root. Now I can’t open the SDK when the project in it at all, I guess it tries to resolve the dependencies and get stuck.

How can I solve it without creating a new project? I mean there must be a dependencies file I can edit.

*It’s quite easy to do because ‘enter’ keystroke is adding the folder to dependencies and not opening it like in the most of use cases, not ‘Are you sure’ dialog being show.

In the nbproject folder.

I guess it’s there. I tried to search the xml files like build-impl or assets-impl, but didn’t succeed to find the dependencies list. The build-impl is pretty long. I suppose it’s a netbeans\ant issue now…

build-impl.xml says at the top that its a generated file…

The file you look for is, run.classpath and javac.classpath properties, you can also remove the generated properties that are referencing to your folder

Yeah, didn’t notice that :stuck_out_tongue:
But I switched the file with one from other project and it seems to work fine :slight_smile: