Adding .OBJ format to ModelLoader

Matthew D Hicks (AKA Darkfrog)

Dude, what you did was like saying, "Bruce Wayne (AKA Batman)" or "Clark Kent (AKA Superman" just blew my cover.  :P

Can you post a diff file instead?  That would make it easier for me to implement the patch.

This will be most useful Batma… err DarkFrog…  Excellent work!

ModelLoader has been around for a while, EDDeshun was just adding support for .OBJ files to it since currently it only supports .jme or .collada.

I meant the OBJ files in particular  :)  I have a few that I have not been able to successfully convert/load with jME through the various methods I have tried.  This seems like just the trick.

Then thank EDDeshun, not me. :wink:

Sorry for the blown cover >_<

How do you post a diff file?

And no, you deserve the credit a lot more, all I did was just copy what you did in ModelLoader and changed it up a little. Tis your glory, not mine!

Egads man! Stop giving darkfrog (AKA The guy in your bushes) compliments!

nevermind…I'll generate the diff file myself. :slight_smile:

I'll try to get this change in this weekend…if you don't hear anything from me feel free to bump me on it…frogs are sometimes forgetful. :wink:

Hmm… I think I made a diff, via "Patch" in eclipse.


Poke Remembore!!

Yeah yeah yeah.  :stuck_out_tongue:

It's checked in. :wink:

BTW, you were using File.toURL() which is deprecated.  I change it to File.toURI().toURL() which is the preferred method now.

Oi, thanks :smiley: I'm behind a barrier here with my 5.11 preference. Not ready to make the 6.0 jump just yet… :expressionless: