[Advices ?] A way to create a geiger sound?

ok, hello everybody, i am a bit “off topic” with this question as it’s not really a jme specific question. But it’s still A BIT a jme-specific question, so …

i am looking for a way to create a geiger sound (the crackling sound you have in stalker for example). I can use a pre-made sound, but then i’ll not be able to set the “level of radiation” in it + it will be noticable that it’s a looping sound + create a lof of sound to cover a lot of “level of radiation” will result in something huge (an audio sound is by nature huge).

I read some things about midi files and java, but it’s really not what i am looking for right now (it’s only for musics ^^). I find a bit strange that there is tons of ways to create graphic stuff (2d, 3d with matrix, 3D with raycast, shaders …) and nothing for sounds. I mean, it’s not something 3D, it’s even not really something 2D, it’s more a line (so it’s close to something 1D) and it seems impossible to do anything lowlevel on it (like the per-pixel shader). Am i wrong ? Do you have an advice ? Do i have to give up for this ?

This last option is not so “dumb”, as anyway it’s strange that even in games like “rust” when you are naked with only a rock you still hear the sound of the geiger counter ^^. I can go for a “you are feeling sick” sentence when you got a lot of radiations, but it will make my game a lot harder XD

Its basically just clicks, you could create an audio stream for that easily. Basically ramping from 0 to +1 then to -1 and back to 0. Or you load the “click” sound from an audio file and just insert that into your own audio stream at the desired intervals.