After restarting settings, can't resize on Windows but can on Linux

I’m allowing my game to be resized when in windowed mode. However, to prevent DivisonByZero errors when resizing the GUI, I’m limiting the game’s window to a minimum 640x480 window. Well, the only way I found to make it work was to check for that when resizing and if it was slower than MIN_WIDTH and/or MIN_HEIGHT, reset the settings with the minimum resolution.

(This is a method from a new SceneProcessor to detect changes in viewPort’s size)

public void reshape(ViewPort vp, int i, int i1) {
    // Prevents divison by zero exceptions on GUI calculations due
    // to too small resolution
    if(i < Fields.MIN_WIDTH || i1 < Fields.MIN_HEIGHT) {
        AppSettings settings = new AppSettings(true);
        settings.setResolution(Fields.MIN_WIDTH, Fields.MIN_HEIGHT);
        i = Fields.MIN_WIDTH;
        i1 = Fields.MIN_HEIGHT;;;
    for(ScreenResize object : screenInterfaces) {
       object.onScreenResize(i, i1);

So this works well for me. On Linux. (Ubuntu 16.04)

For some reason, it’s not working on Windows. When it resets the settings, it makes the windows unresizable:

I have no clue why does this happen. I’m using jME3.1-stable.

Can you guys help me?